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Healthy Paws Club

Do you want peace of mind that your perfect pet’s preventative care is all in hand? If the answer is yes, then our Healthy Paws Club is the one for you!

With a range of benefits, our Healthy Paws Club makes sure your pet is looked after, whilst saving you up to £200 on their routine care per year.

We all know remembering to give flea and worming treatment is a challenge, we also forget sometimes! But don’t worry – on our Healthy Paws Club, all your flea and worming treatments are delivered straight to your door at no extra cost, we will even remind you when to give them!

Below are some of the exclusive benefits for being part of our Healthy Paws Club – you can sign up below or in our practice.

Healthy Paws Club

Healthy Paws Club for Dogs

Just £18.99/month incl VAT

Healthy Paws Club for Cats

Just £16.99/month incl VAT

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