My Dog Keeps Eating Grass. WHY?

Picture of Riaz Rhemu

Riaz Rhemu

Veterinary Surgeon and co-founder of Tatton Veterinary Practice

My Dog Keeps Eating Grass, WHY!?

So you are enjoying a nice afternoon in the garden, relaxing with your pooch but you can’t help but notice the little one is constantly licking and eating grass. Sometimes they are sick after they eat it – why are they doing this!?

Firstly, don’t worry. Eating grass is actually a perfectly natural behaviour for a lot of dogs and it stems from their natural instincts from when they were wolves!

There are a few reasons why a dog might do this, but often it is nothing that needs any attention. Some dogs may eat grass to add a bit of fibre or roughage to their diet and this is natural behaviour. Others may eat grass out of boredom or to get some water off the grass. Much like how people can bite and eat their nails, there is often no great reason for it!

When should you be worried? If your dog is sick on occasion only, but eats a lot of grass try not to worry. If your dog is a bit of a “sickly” dog and constantly eats grass and is sick – it may be an indicator of an underlying gastrointestinal issue. If this sounds like your dog, why not book a consultation with our vets who can assess your loveable pooch and see if any testing is needed.

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